Next Generation Airway Tools – Designed With Video
Laryngoscopes In Mind

The Problem

Intubation remains difficult and dangerous. The 3rd most common medical procedure in the US, with over 30 Million performed each year. The cost of intubation complications is over $5B in increased medical care. Currently, 55% of failed intubations in the emergency department and ICU are due to the inability to direct the endotracheal tube into the trachea.

Airway Tools Evolved

The video laryngoscope has revolutionized visualization for intubation. Airway tools have not evolved to harness this new view. Our evolved line of airway products are designed to exploit this technology gap! Tomorrow’s tools solving today’s problems.

The Solution

Through The Cords airway devices could reduce complications by 55%: preventing 167,000 major complications, saving nearly 45,000 lives and $1B in unnecessary medical costs.
Taking The ‘Difficult’ Out Of ‘Difficult Airways’
Designed to take full advantage of the superior view provided by video laryngoscopes. The Through-The-Cords Articulating Introducer, allows precise tip control. Designed to make the most difficult airways easy. Once in the trachea, an intuitive depth control system allows precise tip depth control throughout the intubation.

Introducing Total Control Introducer™ (TCI)


Introducing Intuitive Depth Exchange Catheter™ 

Introducing Intuitive Depth Bougie™ 


Our articulating introducer provides easy maneuverability to get to and through the cords. Intuitive depth control makes sure devices are safely placed. Green at the cords; tip is mid trachea. Simple as that.


Intubation complications cost over $5B each year in increased medical costs plus 300K major complications, and leads to 60K deaths. Our tools are designed to improve first pass rates and depth control.


Each year hundreds of thousands of major complications happen in emergency intubations because of first pass intubation failures and poor depth control. These complications lead to excess deaths in critically ill patients.
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