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Next Generation Intubation Tools

Intuitive Depth Bougie (IDB) and Intuitive Depth Exchange Catheter (IDEC)


Our articulating introducer provides easy maneuverability to get to and through the cords. Intuitive depth control makes sure devices are safely placed. Green at the cords; tip is mid trachea. Simple as that.


Each year hundreds of thousands of major complications happen in emergency intubations because of first pass intubation failures and poor depth control. These complications lead to excess deaths in critically ill patients. Our tools can cut that in half.

Cost Effective

Intubation complications cost over $20 billion each year in increased medical costs. Our tools can cut that in half.

Airway Tools Evolved

Built With The Video Laryngoscope In Mind

01. Depth Control Solution

Green at the cords, tip is safe!

02. Articulating Introducer

50% Lower First Pass Failure Rate

Award Winning Designs

Through The Cords Difference


Intubation is the 3rd most common medical procedure in the US, with over 40 M performed each year.

Complication Cost

Complication during emergency airway management costs over $20 B per year.

Save Lives

Over 100 thousand extra deaths a year.

Our Mission

Increase access to safe and effective airway management for providers and patients everywhere airways are managed.

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