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Challenges of Intubation

Humans can only live 3-5 minutes

without breathing oxygen

Once all of the oxygen in the body is used, Irreversible brain damage occurs and the heart stops


When a patient can no longer breath for themselves, medical providers help by placing breathing tubes into the windpipe to deliver oxygen directly to the lungs.

This is act of intubation


Intubation remains difficult and dangerous


Each year, 40 million intubations are performed in North America.

Of those, 4 million are emergency intubations performed in the field, in the Emergency room, or in intensive care units, These are especially difficult and dangerous as these patients are very sick, They have been hit by a bus, had a heart attack, been in a car accident.


In emergency intubations, it is critical to be able to quickly place a breathing tube into the windpipe on the first attempt.

These patients have no reserve, the difference between first attempt success and failure is often the difference between life and death.


Currently, 25% of breathing tubes cannot be placed on the first attempt


Failing to intubated on the first pass leads to

600,000 major complications

9 billion in complication costs

And 120K deaths


Through the cords articulating introducers can increase first pass success by 50%

Imagine 300,000 fewer complications

$4.5 B costs saved

60,000 more mothers fathers daughters and sons going home to their loved ones.


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