Precision Navigation. Easy Tracheal Access.

The Total Control Introducer™ is Now At Your Facility

Predicting difficult intubations is challenging. When faced with one, the tools you use make a difference. The Total Control IntroducerTM is designed for single-operator use. Self-rescue is at hand. 

Clinical  Evidence: Case Series

A Consecutive Case Series of Rescue Intubations With the Articulating Total Control Introducer for Precision Tracheal Access

Precisely navigate the curves of the upper airway smoothly and easily. Dr. Allan Klock demonstrates how the Total Control Introducer™ can help you navigate into the trachea when faced with a difficult intubation.

The Total Control Introducer™ (TCI) is an innovative articulating introducer designed to give you precise navigational control during difficult intubations.

It provides precise tip control making the most difficult airways easy.
Once in the trachea, an intuitive depth control system allows precise tip depth control throughout the intubation.

Precision tracheal access and control when you need it most.

Detachable Handle

    • No Need to preload an ET tube
    • Ready for immediate use

Articulating Tip

    • Precision tip control at the vocal cords
    • Easy access into the trachea

Flexible Shaft

    • Conforms to upper airway
    • Suitable for nasal intubations

Intuitive Depth Control System

    • Designed to prevent injury in lower airways