Through The Cords: Articulated Introducer For Video Laryngoscopy

A common problem with airway devices is that traditional equipment is designed for direct laryngoscopy instead of innovative video laryngoscopy. Through the Cords (TTC) has solved this problem by creating an articulated introducer specifically designed for video-assisted intubations. Using the hand-held device pictured below, physicians can control introducer tip’s shape and position in real time and with more precision than any device currently available.

Additionally, the intuitive depth control system allows easy control of device depth in the trachea during intubation. When the green portion of the tip is at the cords, the tip is at mid-trachea. TTC holds granted utility, provisional and design patents.

They will be featured at AngelMD’s “shark tank” competition at ACEP18’s InnovatED. TTC won a similar competition at the 2018 American Society of Anesthesiologists.

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