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Predicting difficult intubations is challenging. When faced with one, the tools you use make a difference. The Total Control IntroducerTM is designed for single operator use. Self-rescue is at hand.

Most intubation attempt failures with video laryngoscopy arise from the inability to access the trachea despite an adequate view. Failed intubation is the most feared clinical scenario in anesthesia. Intubating a patient with a difficult airway can incur considerable time, cost, and stress.

The Total Control IntroducerTM (TCI) is designed to take full advantage of the superior view provided by video laryngoscopes and enable the clinician to effortlessly intubate a difficult airway.

Ease of Use

Immediately available and designed for single-operator use with no set up required. Precise navigation into the trachea with any video laryngoscope. Intuitive depth control makes sure devices are safely placed. Green at the cords; the tip is safely in the trachea.* Simple as that.


Fiberoptic scopes, difficult airway carts, and other advanced airway equipment are expensive and time consuming to use. TCI is proven faster, more effective, and less expensive than other advanced airway techniques during rescue intubations.*

Safe to Use

Each year hundreds of thousands of major complications happen in emergency intubations because of first-pass intubation failures and poor depth control. These complications lead to excess deaths in critically ill patients.*

Make your next attempt your best attempt.

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